1. Medicalindividual needs including support to adults and children with disabilities
    Hospital needs, e.g. incinerator, ambulance, rooms to host relatives of patients (Vellore hospital project)

  2. Research To university for specific work on “Prediction of pregnancy outcome for low income women"
    Work on finding a cure for “Dihydro Pyrimidine Dehydrogenase DeficiencySyndrome”

  3. Education Tuition fees for several children for college education

  4. Marriages Financial help to conduct marriages for several girls in India

  5. Christian Ministries Contributions to various ministries catering to individual and family needs

  6. Housing Hundred houses in one project, several other individual house buildings

  7. Church buildings Contributions for many church buildings in India and USA

  8. Amputee Association Helping individuals with limb loss

  9. United Teen Equality Center

  10. Program catering to young people to trade violence and poverty for social and economic success

  11. World VisionSupporting a child

  12. FoodFood Pantry, Project Bread