The Kurian Foundation Trust is a private family foundation that was established in 2005. Thampy Kurian, the founder, and a businessman, was inspired by the writings of some eminent innovators and the Harvard Business School concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Values.

Thampy and his wife Molly, immigrants to the US, have experienced the free blessings of God, and believe in sharing these with their deserving ‘neighbour’.

Since the foundation was established several donations have been made for various causes like education, medical help, missionary work, housing etc. The foundation is now moving to focus more on medical care in India and educational support in the US.

In April of 2015, the foundation established a partnership with Bangalore Baptist Hospital (BBH) , Bangalore, India, forming the Bangalore Baptist Hospital Kurian Foundation Rural Palliative Care Program to do palliative care in rural villages of Bangalore. BBH had initiated this program in 2013, and were covering about forty villages in Devanhalli Taluk of Bangalore.

The Rural Palliative Care program provides palliative care to terminally ill and chronic patients by going to their homes in these villages. They have a dedicated Palliative Care Team that consists of a doctor, a nurse, a pastor and a social worker, and are able to provide comprehensive care in form of physical, emotional, moral and spiritual support as needed to patients, and their family members.

The current goal of this program is to cover the whole of Devanahalli Taluk in about two years, and whole of Bangalore in about five years. The team will also make efforts to continuously learn and improve the program to provide the best care possible.

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